NASCAR Goes Latino: An Interview with Mexico’s Germán Quiroga

Dec 13, 2012
1:52 PM


Editor’s Note: Last month we asked NASCAR for press passes for an event at Phoenix International Raceway. They gave them to us, since it appears that NASCAR is trying to redefine itself to US Latinos. Really? We were a bit skeptical, but so we sent one of our Arizona Rebeldes, Christian Henríquez of Once Voice Radio, to check it out. 

Recently we had the opportunity to head out to Phoenix International Raceway to cover t a race for NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series (Lucas Oil 150). Now, we know that normally when you think NASCAR, you don’t automatically think Latinos. You’d be surprised to know that there are several of them making those cars go round on the track. Also, one of those Latinos burning a name for himself on the track is Mexico’s Germán Quiroga.

Last year the 32-year-old Quiroga had the distinction of becoming the first three-time NASCAR Mexico’s Corona Series champion. It is the most important stock-car racing series in the country. Currently he is racing exclusively in the US and has set his sights on earning some championships here. Even though Quiroga seems to be on a clear path to the checkered flag, make no mistake this was not an easy journey for him.


Last April he and his parents, along with most of his belongings, began the long drive from Mexico City to Charlotte NC, not having a clue about whether he’d have a job lined up or not. One of his challenges was to secure a sponsor in the US. He did so with Net10 Wireless and was able to secure a four-race package.

“It was very comfortable for me to stay but definitely it wasn’t my goal to be there my whole life. I wanted to step it up. It was the right decision.” Quiroga says.

Quiroga’s story echoes those of thousands who are seeking new challenges and opportunities in the US. A chance to make their dreams come true. The American dream. Ironically many try to cross the very desert on which German raced at PIR. German’s story does not end there, and we will be checking in with him in the future.

You can follow Quiroga on Twitter @gerspeed1.