Our Domingo Ritual: “Lazy Sunday” (The Original… And Part Two)

Dec 16, 2012
12:30 am


Most domingos we are a little lazy. So we take it back, old-school Internet style (before Twitter was even around and Facebook had only a million members) with “Lazy Sunday.” Can you believe that one of the first-ever viral videos is already seven years old? Here’s to “Lazy Sunday.” It still plays well. You know you are getting old when “Lazy Sunday” is now nostalgia.


We don’t know who shines more in the original SNL digital short hit, Chris Parnell or Andy Samberg?

Earlier this year, the duo came back for a “Lazy Sunday” reunion. The second video is just as good, and you gotta love it when Samberg asks for his f-ing check from YouTube.

We’ll add one more video, which tells the history of this viral classic. Yes, kids, there were actual viral videos before “Gangnam Style.”