The 14 Christmas Songs We Love

Dec 23, 2012
10:34 pm

As we start chilling a bit the next few days to be with our friends and families, we just wanted to share a few of the songs that will be playing. They are eclectic for sure, but what would you expect from us?


Here they are:

“Aires de Navidad” by Héctor Lavoe: A classic, and this video from 1988 is beyond amazing. No one could pull off a white suit like the great Lavoe.

“Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues: Any song that starts with the following lyrics, “It was Christmas Eve in the drunk tank…” will also be a winner for us.

“Christmas in Hollis” by RUN-DMC: The opening sample and the ongoing horn loop? You had us right there. Hit it, Run.

“Pancho Claus” by Lalo Guerrero: Guerrero is considered by many to be the “Father of Chicano Music.” Listening to “Pancho Claus” every year is a must.

“Father Christmas” by The Kinks: One badass Christmas song with a powerful message. This video is from 1977. ¡Viva The Kinks!

“La Navidad de los pobres” by Los Tigres de Norte: “La Navidad de los pobres es más linda que ninguna…” This clip is from 1994.

“Mi burrito sabanero”: So many versions of this classic. We chose this video, because… well, isn’t it obvious?

“Viva la Navidad” by El Gran Combo: This classic still sounds so new. A world without El Gran Combo would be a world without joy.

“Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses: Christmas was never so cooler. This 1981 song by the Ohio post-punk group still resonates with us, because lead singer Patty Donahue’s voice is perfection.

“Christmas Lights” by Coldplay: One of our newer favorites, the emotions in this relationship song are pretty honest and raw. The chorus grabs our hearts, too.

“Little Drummer Boy” by David Bowie and Bing Crosby: We love this performance not only because of the “peace on earth” melody, but the fact the Bowie just happened to “visit” Crosby’s “house.”

“Happy Christmas War Is Over (very rare version)” by John Lennon: We are partial to this very rare version of the Lennon’s classic. It was less polished, and as much as Yoko Ono always drove us crazy, there is something stunningly beautiful at the end of the song when “John and Yoko want to wish you Merry Christmas.”

“Navidad sin ti” by Los Bukis: This song puts a smile on our faces all the time. Always.

“Do They Know It’s Christmas?” by Band Aid: A who’s who of 80s English singers. Any time you go from Boy George to George Michael to Simon LeBon to Sting to Bono, you have perfection.

To all our fans who celebrate Christmas, ¡Feliz Navidad! So now it’s your turn. What would you add?