2012: The Turning Point Year of the Latino Rebels

Dec 27, 2012
3:38 pm

Here is just a sampling of the national and global outlets that picked up our stories or featured us this year. 2012 was a fantastic year. The stories we published were noticed by many. Here’s hoping that 2013 is just as amazing a ride.


  1. Forbes: Rebel with a Latino Cause
  2. New York Times: Networks Struggle to Appeal to Hispanics
  3. New York Times: Celebrating Puerto Rican Day Parade, Daily News Unfurls Cuban Flag
  4. Face the Nation: Hispanic leaders divided on President Obama
  5. TIME: Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Univision
  6. MSNBC.com: Online store CafePress clobbered for racist merchandise
  7. CNN.com: Filmmaker Michael Moore’s #IfOnlyIWereMexican hashtag backfires
  8. NBC Latino: Michael Moore’s “If Only I Were Mexican” Twitter hashtag pokes at Romney, backfires
  9. ABC News: Michael Moore Twitter Hashtag Backfires
  10. Univision: Análisis previo al primer debate presidencial
  11. Today Show: Racist Mexican Costume Controversy Goes Viral: Baylor University Will Now Investigate
  12. Fox News: Dear Fox News: Thanks for the Mention About @EvaLongoria Story, But…
  13. Al Jazeera: Can social media tackle Puerto Rico’s crime wave?
  14. HuffPost: 50 Top Latino Voices To Follow On Twitter
  15. Le Monde: Les Latino Rebels s’insurgent
  16. NBC Latino: Opinion: Manzano was just showing pride for his heritage
  17. US News: Mitt Romney’s New Latino Website Called ‘Clunky’
  18. NBC Latino: Facebook ads can now be targeted to U.S. Latinos with new ethnic option
  19. Deadspin: Rick Sutcliffe Wants Melky Cabrera Deported
  20. El Nuevo Día: Exigen disculpas de ABC por expresiones discriminatorias contra boricuas: Mira el video
  21. HuffPost: Boy Scout Troop Patch Depicts ‘Fleeing Immigrants’ And Causes Controversy
  23. Yahoo News: Rebels Story on @CBS8 About Scout Patch Makes Front Page of Yahoo! and Goes Viral
  24. Addicting Info: Arizona GOP Candidate Compares Poor Children To Wild Animals
  25. The Atlantic: Mexico’s New President Is Off to a Troubling Start
  26. Mun2: daily dos: sorority apologizes for mexican-themed party…
  27. Fox News Latino: ‘Racist’ Mexican Costumes by Penn State, Baylor Students Under Investigation
  28. Univision News: Bigotes or Bigots? Sorority Girls Dress Up As Mexican Stereotypes
  29. Univision News: No, that “U-S-A” chant at the Republican National Convention wasn’t about race
  30. NBC Latino: Was Puerto Rican RNC official the target of “USA! USA!” chants?
  31. HuffPost UK: Blonde Beggar Girl In Mexico Sparks Kidnap Investigation And Racism Debate (PICTURES)
  32. NBC Latino: ESPN announcer blames player’s “Puerto Rican temper” for basketball foul
  33. US News: Latino Voters Say Romney Ad Tying Obama to Chavez, Castro Is Outdated
  34. Racialicious: School Daze: More On The Daily Show’s Tucson Ethnic Studies Story
  35. NBC Latino: Opinion: The Romney gaffe that wasn’t
  36. HuffPost: The Viral Immigration Meme: Did You See The Success Story?
  37. NBC Latino: Cafepress under fire for Anti-Mexican merchandise
  38. HuffPost: Kaleb Canales Becomes First Mexican-American Head Coach In The NBA (VIDEO)
  39. NBC Latino: Firestorm as Geraldo Rivera says Trayvon Martin’s hoodie responsible for his death
  40. HuffPost: Luis Fortuño, Puerto Rican Governor, Loses Website To Opponents After It Expires
  41. NBC Latino: Republicans inclusion of ‘self-deportation” in GOP platform leads to parody do-it-yourself video
  42. NBC Latino: ‘Mexican Mitt’ parody twitter account suspended before Romney’s RNC speech
  43. NBC Latino: Julian Castro takes Twitter by storm during convention speech
  44. NBC Latino: Blue Jays Yunel Escobar suspended 3 games for Spanish gay slur on his eye black
  45. HuffPost: The Daily Show Ignores Puerto Rican’s Boycott Against Gossip TV Character ‘La Comay’
  46. HuffPost: CafePress Ad On Daily Kos Is Racist, Features Anti-Mexican Products (PHOTO)
  47. Univision News: Online retailer CafePress under fire for anti-Mexican merchandise
  48. HuffPost: The Daily Show Mocks Tucson Mexican-American Studies Ban (VIDEO)
  49. HuffPost: The Five Dumbest ‘Mayan Apocalypse’ Ad Campaigns
  50. The Atlantic: The Most Pathetic Preparations for the Mayan Apocalypse
  51. HuffPost: Mexico Protests: Videos Of Alleged Police Violence Go Viral (VIDEOS)
  52. HuffPost: Eva Longoria Takes Heat On Twitter For Offensive Retweet Calling Romney ‘Racist’ And ‘Misogynist’ (UPDATED)
  53. HuffPost: ‘Speak English, Your In America’: Twitter Feed Corrects Outraged Nativists’ Grammar (SLIDESHOW)
  54. HuffPost: Republicans and Democrats Argue Over ‘Chimichangas’
  55. HuffPost: Dayana Mendoza, Celebrity Apprentice Star, Accuses Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Of ‘Degrading An Entire Spanish Culture’ (VIDEO)
  56. Feministing: Adam Carolla is a racist pig who hates Mexicans.
  57. CBS Chicago: Activists Protest Bakery Over ‘Crack’ Bar, Remarks About Humboldt Park