10 Analytics Facts About LatinoRebels.com

Jan 1, 2013
11:59 pm

Before we start 2013 with new stories and new directions, we here at Latino Rebels wanted to get geeky for a second. This post is all about analytics, and the 10 Analytics Facts about LatinoRebels.com, our main content portal.


  1. When compared to 2011, in 2012 LatinoRebels.com saw a 921% increase in visits, a 835% increase in unique visitors, and a 945% increase in total pageviews.
  2. December 2012 was our most successful month ever, with 118,908 pageviews.
  3. From May 5, 2011 (the day we went live) to December 31, 2012, we have surpassed 530,000 unique visitors, 677,000 visits and 940,000 pageviews. These are all human visits. We have already surpassed over 1 million pageviews, if you take into account the bots.
  4. We have published 1,759 posts since May 5, 2011 (including this one). Our most popular post is a bilingual version of the Declaration of Independence. We posted it on July 4, 2012. It has already gotten over 20,000 hits.
  5. 17% of our total lifetime traffic comes from outside the United States. Our content has been read in over 200 countries. In 2012, 20% of our 2012 traffic was from outside the United States.
  6. 31% of our visits come from mobile devices and tablets.
  7. We now have a recordable Alexa ranking… in India. Our current Alexa US and global rankings put us in front of almost all independent Latino media and cultural sites. We were behind all of them at the beginning of 2012. We are no longer behind them.
  8. 32% of our traffic comes from organic search. 12% of our traffic is direct traffic, meaning that once someones reads a story on LatinoRebels.com, they will directly visit another story.
  9. Our top five search tearms are “neymar,” “chihuahua,” “declaration of independence text,” “latino rebels,” and “salina death 17th anniversary.”
  10. The remaining 56% of our traffic comes from other referral sources, with Facebook accounting for 72% of that referral traffic.