Five Fútbol Goals We Love

Jan 26, 2013
8:30 pm

Today Fox Soccer Channel premiered its “My Beautiful Game” series. Episode 1 focused on the greatest goals in soccer history.

The list was a rather decent one (of course it included Maradona’s 1986 run, Rooney’s bicycle against Man City, George Best’s NASL gem, Peter Crouch’s killer one touch strike, Roberto Carlos’ curving free kick againt France, among others), but since FSC started the debate, here are five fútbol goals we love that the episode missed.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic against England, 2012

Neymar in the Copa Libertadores, 2012

Giovani Dos Santos against the USA in Gold Cup play, 2011

Lionel Messi’s classic run against Getafe, 2007

Roberto Carlos’ crazy angle shot from 1998

So which one would you add? What did we miss?