Last Night on The Daily Show: “The Nuevo Deal” and Al Madrigal’s “Hispanic Room”

Jan 31, 2013
9:34 am

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Al Madrigal, and Jessica Williams covered immigration.


Stewart started it off with the background, and even though the first few seconds were uncomfortable, he got on a roll with the whole “amnesty” thing.

Then Madrigal was brilliant in “The Hispanic Room” segment, with a great assist by Williams. We LOVED Madrigal’s line, “A Latino grudge on average lasts just over 4 generations.” So true. Here’s hoping Madrigal’s segments keep digging into these topics, since he has a great chance to amplify them. Self-deprecating humor just works when done right and with some actual wit. Madrigal is looking more and more comfortable on the show. We are rooting for him.