On Shakira’s 36th Birthday, We Recall a Simpler Time When Her Music Rocked

Feb 2, 2013
11:39 am

Before the blonde hair, the English “Hips Don’t Lie” songs, and her celebrity marriage with soccer star Piqué, Colombia’s Shakira was an rock en español alternative goddess. Today is her 36th birthday (born February 2, 1977 in Barranquilla), and we wish a very happy one to the new mom, but if we get nostalgic for a time when Shakira was alt, groovy, and the Latina Alanis Morrisette, so be it.


Like many bilingual and bicultural Latino kids growing up in the U.S. of the 1990s, we were introduced to Shakira when Pies desclazos was released in 1996 and ¿Dónde están los ladrones? came out in 1999. Both these albums combined sold over 15 million copies worldwide. To us, Shakira was the strong young Latina woman who wouldn’t take crap from anyone. The following two songs are just two examples of the Shakira that we used to know and love:

Many of our readers feel the same way:

Today but a shadow of her former, probably more authentic self.

Shakira me dejo de gustar cuando se lavo el cabello con peroxido y empezo a cantar en ingles. Donde estan los ladrones fue el ultimo album bueno que ella hizo.

I love her old music….she had her unique sound that was fresh and not commercialized. I remember one of my classmates won 2 years in a role lipsyncing and looking like shakira…..no other albums or songs compareto the quality of her first 2 albums…

I used to love shakira!!! Her eccentricity her style of music…loved her!! Till she internationalized..now her music makes no sense…shes likea puppet ..dng whtvr shes told will sell…but it dsnt…whata waste its like robert smith turning on u n dng michael bolton..

Yet, don’t get us wrong. We are rooting for Shakira, and we think that her early sound is now “nostalgia” and that she will come back to a simpler time. Here’s hoping. ¡Feliz cumple, Shakira!