NBC Latino: Senator Menendez Denies Helping Salomon Melgen in Medicare Case

Feb 8, 2013
6:17 pm

Today NBC Latino ran an interview that embattled Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) gave for Telemundo.


In the following video, Menendez is being interviewed in Spanish by Telemundo’s Lori Montenegro.

In the interview, Menendez denied that he helped donor and friend Dr. Salomon Melgen, who is under federal investigation. Melgen is a successful South Florida eye doctor and is also the Founder/Chairman of the Miami-based VOXXI news site.

NBC Latino’s story also included English versions of the answers Menendez gave Montenegro. Addressing the Washington Post’s story which reported that Menendez spoke to high-level federal health care officials complaining about a ruling that had ordered Melgen to repay the government $8.9 million dollars, the New Jersey senator said the following: “In the case of Medicare, we did not interfere in one particular case. We asked questions to health officials about the politically confusing and ambiguous process in which a doctor can make claims to Medicare.

Menendez also said, “To think that I would interfere in an investigation to provoke a different outcome is absurd.”

In addition, according to the NBC Latino story, “Menendez claims he doesn’t know where Melgen is and has not been in communication with him. He goes on to explain that all of his actions as a Senator have been legal and ethical and for that reason he will not resign from his post.”

Finally, the NBC Latino story said that “Menendez once again refuted allegations made by a conservative publication claiming that he hired an underage prostitute during a trip to the Dominican Republic.”

“They can ask me that question 100 different ways but the truth is that the allegations are not true,” said Menendez.

NBC Latino noted that “the rest of the interview will air on Enfoque with Jose Diaz Balart, Sunday at noon.”

Additionally, the Menendez story made Time.com today in a story entitled, “Bob Menendez’s Very Bad Week.” The story provides a very detailed summary of a story that continues to develop.