Why Did Ricky Gervais Delete His Tasteless “Illegal Immigrant” Tweet?

Feb 14, 2013
2:19 pm

Ricky Gervais is talented, no doubt, and for someone who makes a living by straddling the fine line between witty comedy and boorishness, once in a while Gervais misses the mark. Big time.

Last night on Twitter, Gervais tweeted out a Valentine Day’s joke that got thousands of RTs in just a few hours (Gervais has over 4 million Twitter followers).


Such a tweet was bound to get some rather “classy” responses as well:

Earlier today, the tweet was gone from Gervais’ Twitter feed. Why did the “King of Get Over It” himself delete it from his feed? Did he piss off too many people, like the person who let us know about the original tweet?


We tweeted out to Gervais to get an answer. If he responds, we will share.


Gervais did tweet this out after the original tweet was deleted earlier today:

In the meantime, we wonder how Gervais’ tweet would play with the Muppet crowd. You know, the characters that kids love? Gervais is slated to play the lead in the next Muppet movie. #NoMames, Ricky.