Is Cleveland Indians Reliever Trevor Bauer the Worst Rapper Ever? Yes

Feb 15, 2013
8:52 am

This is painful, but the truth needs to be known.

Cleveland Indians reliever Trevor Bauer is the worst rapper in the world. He is so bad he might actually have new fans because of how awful he really is.


Bauer’s Internet fame started spreading yesterday after a local Cleveland media reported that Bauer produced the following “rap” song as a possible diss to former Arizona Diamondbacks teammate, catcher Miguel Montero, who criticized Bauer this week. Bauer insists the song, which he recorded in December, was for all the Twitter haters in his life. Let’s just say this: please, Trevor, please stop laying down tracks.

Bauer’s page also includes several other rap classics, including this one, called “The Dream,” because “Trix is made for kids so why the hell are we getting’ tricked?” Deep, bro, really deep.

Stick to throwing a baseball. Thanks.