Madonna’s 12-Year-Old Son Criticized by Medellín for Instagram Pic of “Cocaine Central”

Feb 17, 2013
3:18 pm

Today, the Colombian entertainment page of reported that the Instagram account of Rocco Ritchie, Madonna’s 12-year-old son, caused a social media controversy in Colombia when Ritchie’s Instagram account posted a photo of Medellín with a caption that read “Cocaine central, Columbia [sic].”

According to the story, the city’s promoters spoke against the post and said that it generated a bad image of the country. Ritchie’s Instagram is private and it has about over 6,150 followers. Part of the account’s profile says the following: “There is only one Rocco Ritchie I won’t share my life if you guys take my pics .”



Luis Guillermo Sosa, identified by Terra as a “Medellín promoter,” said the following to local Colombian media: “It is outrageous that this is happening with a photo by Madonna’s son, and if he believes that, his mother should say something. It is an insult to the city that has been so hospitable to her.”

Last November, according to the article, Madonna held two very successful concerts in Medellín. The article also states that many in the city believe that an apology will be likely ve issued.