What We Loved About the 2013 Oscars and What Gets the #NoMames

Feb 25, 2013
11:35 am

Yeah, we saw the whole thing last night. Even though we are the first ones to mock Hollywood, we still love the movies, and last night’s Oscars has its share of very cool moments, and a few #NoMames ones, too. (Of course, The Onion topped everyone last night with its classless tweet.)


First the good news. “Inocente” won for Best Documentary Short, and not only are we thrilled for the 15-year-old undocumented star of the doc, the film was also the first crowd-funded project to ever win an Oscar.

Here is the full film in case you have never seen it.

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Inocente, Full Episodes


Good news number two was all about “Searching for Sugar Man,” winner for Best Documentary Feature.


Gotta love Rodríguez.

That was the GOOD NEWS. And now what we thought bit and got the #NoMames.

Seth MacFarlane. All of him. Of course you HAD to make a lame joke about Spanish accents along with all your other wittiness. Stick to puppets and cartoons, bro.

And the bigger one is this one: how did the Academy NOT include the late great Lupe Ontiveros in its memorial tribute? Was her filmography not good enough for you? Or what about the fact that Lupe was seen as a mentor and inspiration to many young Latin@ actors? Fail, Hollywood, fail.


Yeah, and don’t get us started about “Argo.”