Venezuelan Press: Hugo Chávez Is Not Dead

Feb 27, 2013
10:12 pm

Responding to a report by CNN Chile tonight where Guillermo Cochez, the former Panamanian ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS), claimed that Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez died four days ago and has been brain dead since December 30, 2012, Venezuela’s press is reporting that Chávez is still alive but that his pulmonary infection continues to worsen.


“The only thing that Guillermo Cochez wants to do is destabilize information, because he has an issue with the Venezuelan government since he was fired for what he did,” Miguel San Martín of Venezuela’s Universal said, referring to how Cochez was relieved of his position by the Panamanian government for criticizing the Venezuelan government at a January session of the OAS.

Meanwhile, a report from Australia published what Vice President Nicolas Maduro said earlier today: “Have no doubt that we will defend the beautiful work of commander Hugo Chavez Frias.” As of this printing, the Venezuelan government has not specifically addressed Cochez’s comments and no other CNN page has picked up CNN Chile’s story.