Venezuelan Vice President Nicolás Maduro: Chávez Is Still in Charge and Still Alive

Feb 28, 2013
9:23 am

The Venezuelan government rejected last night’s bizarre CNN Chile report about a former Panamanian ambassador to the Organization of American States (OAS) who claimed that President Hugo Chávez has been brain dead since December 31, 2012 and died five days ago. According to reports from other parts of the globe, Vice President Nicolás Maduro has dismissed Guillermo Cochez’s emphatic assertions that Chávez is already dead:


August 2011 photo of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez

Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro has dismissed rumors about Hugo Chavez’s death, saying the leader was ruling the country from his hospital ward.

He stressed that a tracheal tube “does not prevent him from communicating and giving orders on all aspects of the economic, social and political life of our country.”

“He has a team of men and women who are subordinated… Absolutely subordinated to his command, to his leadership,” Marudo said, adding they were listening to the ailing president “with a knee on the ground.”

The vice president also said that Chavez had held a five-hour meeting with his aides and communicated with them by writing, although they had to have a break now and then.

So far, no U.S. outlet has confirmed CNN Chile’s story, including CNN itself. CNN Chile is not affiliated with CNN Español. It is a joint venture between VTR Chile and Time Warner.