This Was Ugly: Canada-Mexico WBC Game Brawl

Mar 9, 2013
7:25 pm

Ugly happenings at the World Baseball Classic.


Today in Phoenix, a brawl broke in the ninth inning of the Canada-Mexico World Baseball Classic game. Canada was easily winning the game, and eventually won, 10-3, but not before it all got haywire and even ignorant.

Here is what SB Nation reported:

Saturday’s Pool D World Baseball Classic game between Canada and Mexico saw plenty of aggressive play before devolving into an extended and ugly brawl in the ninth inning. After a number of hard slides and a collision at the plate involving Mexico’s Karim Garcia, Arnold Leon threw two pitches at Canada’s Rene Tosoni, sparking a bench-clearing fight between the teams.

Yahoo Sports! Jeff Passan tweeted that the situation also crept into the stands:


It led to even uglier Twitter reactions:


The scene got even worse, as SB Nation reports:

Several players were ejected, and the game was delayed for an extended period of time before order was restored. Unfortunately, when the players were ready to resume play (with Canada ahead 9-3 and the bases loaded), a fan threw a baseball onto the field, nearly hitting first-base coach Larry Walker and resulting in the home plate umpire speaking to the teams’ coaches once again.

Walker, a proud Canadian, had no problem giving his opinion of the matter to the rowdy crowd.


After the brawl, telling replays showed Los Angeles Dodgers player Luis Cruz of team Mexico encouraging his pitcher to throw at Tosoni.

Some postgame reactions.