In Response to the César Chávez March 31 Doodle, Google Features Michelle Malkin for April 1 Doodle

Mar 31, 2013
11:58 pm

It was an amazing turn of social media events.

After not knowing the difference between César Chávez and Hugo Chávez and then tweeting an early Easter Sunday tweet lambasting Google for featuring a Chávez (whoever it was, they are all Latino, right) as its official March 31 doodle, conservative new media personality Michelle Malkin just learned tonight that Google will feature her official Twitter image on its April 1 doodle.


Malkin, who assumes that every Latino with the same name must be related, was actually quite proud of her crowing doodle moment. “My factless tweets and biased mistakes have finally gotten me the attention I deserve,” Malkin wrote to us via email. “I am not even a real reporter but whatever! Early this morning really tired Christians spoke out against Google’s promotion of a ruthless socialist military dictator who also organized a successful boycott in the 60s, and even thought I found out later what César Chávez said actually was in line with the teachings of Jesus, that still didn’t stop me from not apologizing about my ways! There is truth in my tweets and my credibility is saved!”

Happy April 1, Michelle. You must be so happy after your initial ignorant tweets had so many Christians tweeting to Google, making them late for church.

When we reached out to Google, they emailed us this: “Are you f-ing kidding us? It’s April 1. You got duped.”

Happy April Fools Day.