#NoMames: Tosh.0’s White House Petition to Grant Instant Citizenship to Mexicans who Make Killer Fish Tacos

Apr 8, 2013
7:53 pm

DISCLAIMER: Yes, we know that Tosh.O is a show on Comedy Central, and we know that the show focuses on the silliness of the Internet in an attempt at trying to be witty without coming across as lame and dumb. Recently, the show and its host, Daniel Tosh, went down the lame and dumb route, posting a series of five online petitions on WhiteHouse.gov. According to the show’s site, two of the petitions —one to ask Bath and Beyond to mark everything down 20% and stop sending those annoying coupons, and another one to have Dave Chapelle return to TV— have already been taken down from the White House site, causing the jokesters to comment, “Not. Cool.”

However, three of the petitions are still live, including this one: Grant instant US citizenship to any Mexican who can make a killer fish taco.  The petition asks “Why does every fish taco have to have two corn tortillas per taco?” and of this posting it still needs over 95,000 signatures by May 2 to reach a goal of 100,000 signatures.


Daniel, if you are going to do a petition paying tribute the awesomeness of being Mexican, can you at least be clever? Can you at least be original? Does it always have to be about Mexicans gaining citizenship? Yeah, we get where you are going with this. Let’s just hope that you don’t actually get a fish taco the next few weeks: because we Mexicans all know each other, and we have already have sent out an ABP about your stupid joke. You might get some very special fish tacos somewhere soon.

The best thing that White House can do right now is just take the petition down. Or at least add this video to the end of it: