It’s Cinco de Mayo: Time to Tattoo Your Ta-Tas

Apr 13, 2013
6:34 pm

One of our favorite blogs ever is Mi blog es tu blog. Yes, Laura Martínez’s blog is a must read, and you probably didn’t even know that she was was the one behind the whole Mexican Barbie story. Martínez is the kind of blogger we love—a true observer of how brands continue to fail when it comes to depicting the U.S. Latino experience. All advertisers should be required to read it.

After the Barbie follow-up, Martínez turned her attention to Cinco de Mayo, which continues to be one the prime example about how how brands and companies try to capitalize on the “Latino market” and fail miserably.


Here is her latest post:

Temporary breast tattoo company TaTaToos is so excited about Cinco de Mayo, it has come up with a culturally-relevant line of tattoos that promise to make your holiday -what else?- spicier.

I’m not sure what’s more depressing; if saying “tatas” instead of tetas, or having you celebrate the Battle of Puebla by imprinting some Spanish-language copy on your chest.

In any case, here’s the original press release [No, I didn’t make it up:]

Make your Cinco de Mayo HOT this year with Ta*ta*toos – temporary tattoos that last up to 5 – 7 days. They are perfect to apply lower on the chest to ensure discreetness when wearing apparel and can be removed with household rubbing alcohol in less than 30 seconds!

I don’t think I’ll be celebrating a Mexican holiday by putting a tattoo on my “tatas…” Still, that part about rubbing alcohol on them sounds quite enticing.

Spoken like a true Rebelde. And it does add another dimension to #NoMames.