A WWE Fail: Pro Wrestling Wants to Get More “Latino” by Hiring a Telenovela Writer

Apr 15, 2013
10:42 am

Seriously, WWE?


This is what a few pro wresting blogs shared a few weeks ago:

In response to the criticism of bad booking for Alberto Del Río, WWE is looking at hiring a Hispanic Telenovela writer who will be responsible for the creative content, scripts and developing storylines & characters to target specifically Hispanic crowds.

Because that is what Latino fans are all about: telenovelas. Mexican-born Del Río is already being portrayed as the Mexican aristocrat hero, pitted against an “anti-immigrant” wrestler named Jack Swagger. That was lame, too.

Here’s a suggestion: you want to start being a bit more authentic with the Latino market? Tout the sport’s “Lucha Libre” tradition instead of telenovela plots. Here is a good start: