Capriles Demands Recount as #FraudeVenezuela Hits Social Media

Apr 15, 2013
1:41 pm

Right after Venezuelan President-elect Nicolás Maduro declared victory in yesterday’s close election, Maduro’s opponent Henrique Capriles was calling for a recount.


Here is what CNN reported last night:

“I want to tell the candidate of the government: Today you’re the loser and I’m telling you this unequivocally. You are the loser, you and your government,” [Capriles] said early Monday.

“I say that unequivocally and with all commitment and transparency. We will not recognize any results until each vote of the Venezuelan people has been counted.”

His refusal to concede left key questions about Venezuela’s future unanswered Monday: Will authorities recount the votes? Will political tension in the deeply divided country boil over after the tight race? And will world leaders recognize the results?

The presidents of Argentina, Bolivia and Cuba offered congratulations to Maduro on Monday, while the head of a prominent regional body said he supported a recount.

Organization of American States Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza offered the support of the regional body’s election experts for a recount.

“In the context of deep division and political polarization, as this election process showed, the highest representative of the OAS made a fervent call to national dialogue,” the organization said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Maduro, who won by less than 300,000 votes has already indicated that he welcome a recount.

Part of the social media reaction to the election results has led to an #FraudeVenezuela hashtag, which has posted several unconfirmed pics and videos, suggesting that many votes were lost or never counted. The following two photos are currently circulating around social media. They both show allegations of missing ballots.

Cards chavezvotes

Here are the final results of the vote: