Nicolás Maduro Wins Venezuelan Presidential Election

Apr 15, 2013
12:19 am

Around 11:15 Caracas time last night, the country’s National Election Commission announced “irreversible” election results for the Venezuelan presidency.


With a voter turnout of 78.71%, Nicolás Maduro, the heir to the legacy of Hugo Chávez, won 7,505,338 votes, which came out to 50.66% of the vote. Henrique Capriles, Maduro’s opponent, gained 7,270,403 votes and 49.07% of the vote. That was a difference of 234,935 votes.

The Associated Press confirmed the news when it reported the following: “Hugo Chavez’s chosen heir Nicolas Maduro wins Venezuela presidency in tight race.”

Minutes after the results were announced, President-elect Maduro took to the podium to announce his victory. He appeared around 11:25 Caracas time and spoke for about 35 minutes, before having his supporters sing the country’s anthem. He said that if Capriles is contesting the results, Maduro is more than willing to have the “election boxes opened,” since he has confidence in the official results and the Venezuelan people. Capriles, according to reports, alleges that votes were manipulated.


“If I won by one vote, I still won,” Maduro said. “I won by 300,000 votes.”