Twitter Media Gets Dangerous: AP’s Hacked Account Falsely Announces a White House Explosion

Apr 23, 2013
1:37 pm

This is not a good week for major media outlets on Twitter. On Saturday night, the Twitter profile of 60 Minutes was hacked, and today the Associated Press’ account was compromised, and as of this posting @AP is still suspended.

The reason? According to the Verge, it had to do with the following tweet, which would freak anyone out:


According to the story, “Thankfully onlookers were quick to call fake on the tweet, no doubt aided by the fact that no other news agencies are currently reporting a dire situation at the White House. The formatting is also uncharacteristic of the style guide-enforcing AP, with a bizarre capitalization of “Explosions” and referring to the president by his first name. The news wire has since confirmed it’s account has been hijacked, referring to the tweet in question as “bogus.”

What is nuts is that the story also said that the Dow had plummeted 100 points after the fake tweet was posted.

And, as expected, Twitter is going nuts.

This is not good for Twitter, and you would think that if this problem persists, it will lead to some very serious decisions by major news outlets.

As for the hackers, you wonder if such a tweet will be seen as a threat against the President.