EXPLICIT: Why Is Internet Cleveland Hero Charles Ramsey Threatening Angel Cordero?

Jun 4, 2013
8:58 pm

Last month Charles Ramsey became an Internet folk hero after his local TV interview during the Amanda Berry kidnapping case went viral. Much has been written, tweeted, posted, and meme-d about Ramsey, and when this story became global sensation, our own Bella Vida Letty even wrote a thought-pvoking piece about “heroes and colorism.”


Just a few days after Ramsey’s image was tearing up the Internet, the story of Angel Cordero began to surface. Cordero is considered by many to have a played a central, if not the central, role in the rescue that made world headlines. In addition, there are now reports from TIME and NBC News that Ramsey is getting paid to hit the professional speaking circuit.

Guess few are paying attention to the fact that Ramsey’s actions since the day of rescue is creating major controversy in his local Cleveland neighborhood. According to a May 30 post from clevescene.com, “residents on Seymour Avenue certainly aren’t buying into the Ramsey-as-Savior narrative.”

The story continues:

“It’s absolutely false,” said Cleveland councilman Brian Cummins in a phone interview this afternoon. After establishing the Courage Fund, Cummins is now focused on the recovery of his Seymour constituents. He’s lately been visiting the street to offer counseling services and said that a “huge issue” has become “absolutely apparent” there — Ramsey’s lies.

Put bluntly, residents are pissed off.

“The real story, the corroborated story, came out” Cummins said, “but it was buried under the avalanche of media reactions to Charles Ramsey.”

That’s not news. Cummins is referring to Angel Cordero’s version of events, in which Ramsey assisted in the rescue (and certainly made the viral 911 call) but Cordero did the dirty work.

“I’ve dealt with the media a long time, but this is crazy,” said Cummins.

The craziest element may be Charles Ramsey’s hostility toward Cordero, his unwillingness to part with (or even share) his heroics or the celebrity therefrom.

The soft-spoken Cordero (who was scheduled for an interview with Scene and a translator on the morning of Friday, May 10, and never showed up) told reporters that he wasn’t jealous of his neighbor’s fame.

Then there is this appearance by Ramsey with Snoop Dogg (the video is pretty explicit):

Hey, I’ll tell you what you can do for me Snoop…uh, a favor…It’s this mothafuckin’ Dominican back in Cleveland. I’m in New York right now, right. This Dominican, in Cleveland, on the fuckin news, talkin’ bout what the fuck he done did, and how he helped me do somethin. Hey…if you could just watch my back while I beat the fuck out this nigga when I get back to Cleveland. I think it’d look real good if Snoop watched me beat this so called ‘Hero’ up. Hey, who the fuck am I, nigga, if you don somethin’ bitch?

The local Cleveland also reported that “Councilman Cummins said Cordero has “gone cold” for the past week-and-a-half.” Cummins said that Cordero was in hiding. The story also mentions that “Ramsey has received a check for $13,731.43 from a GoFundMe charity started by Robby Russell, a man in Oregon compelled to act when Ramsey’s interview went viral.”

Meanwhile, Ramsey has made other appearances where he continued his verbal attacks on Cordero. In this clip (around minute 3:15), he describes the rescue scene and said that Cordero “was born with a vagina.” He claims that Cordero ran away from the scene and didn’t help at all.

In that same video interview around 2:54 right before Ramsey says that Corder was “was born with a vagina,” he said, “I’m going to tell you just like I told Anderson Cooper, we that “W E” you hear that, that we is not singular it means plural, we were going back and forth on the door, WE is me and Amanda Berry that’s the WE.. pulling, she’s pushing out that’s the WE, ain’t no other help.” Ramsey claims that it was him and Amanda Berry who helped her get out, and no one else.

A transcript from that Cooper interview says this:

Came back home, I’m in my house, but I’m in the living room and I’m right by the front door, because I’m looking out the front door, and man, this girl screamed like a car had hit a kid, which made me, you know, stop eating, what the hell was that. You know, so when I got up, I saw this – my neighbor across the street, he run across the street and I’m, like – I’m thinking, where you going, because ain’t nobody next door because I just saw Ariel leave.

And I know ain’t nobody over there. Heard that girl scream and saw him run across the street, and I went outside and wondered what he was doing, and – Amanda said, I’m stuck in here, help get me out. So he – guy don’t know English that well or panicked, he just looked at me and it’s a girl. And that’s all he did. So here I come with my, you know, half eaten Big Mac and I looked and I said well, what’s up.

And she’s like I’ve been trapped in here, he won’t let me out, me and my baby. I said well, we ain’t going to talk no more, come on. I’m trying to get the door open, I can’t, because he torture chambered it some kind of way and locked it up, right? So I did what I had to do and kicked the bottom of the door, and she crawled out of it. She grabs her baby, which threw me off, all right, so fine. I got some girl and her kid.

ABC News ran a piece on Charles Ramsey in a May report:

However, the news story that accompanies the story adds additional quotes in the third paragraph that were never included in the ABC News video:

“When I saw that girl, I don’t recognize her, I saw a white girl, [I said] ‘What’s your problem?'” Ramsey said. “Keep in mind, the Dominican, as I’m saying this, runs back over there behind me. I look across the street and say, ‘She needs to get out of here.’ He says, ‘I’m not getting involved in that.'”

Ramsey said he then “did what I had to do” to get Berry out of the house. When the door wouldn’t open, Ramsey said, he helped her bust out the aluminum bottom so she and her daughter, whom Ramsey said was with her, could break free. After Berry and the little girl were out, Ramsey said, he called 911.

“I took the phone and called 911, and I said [to Berry], ‘Now listen, now you go across the street and you see that f*** that didn’t help you, go get his cellphone. You call 911 from his phone. That way, while I’m trying to get through and you trying to get through, we both bound to make this happen,'” he said.