Police Report: Cleveland Hero Ramsey Allegedly Harassing and Threatening Neighbors

Jun 6, 2013
1:33 pm

This week we ran a piece chronicling the recent behavior of Charles Ramsey, the man who became a global Internet hero for his role in the Amanda Berry kidnapping case. According to local reports and videos available online, Ramsey has been threatening Angel Cordero, who many believe play a central role in the dramatic rescue, and several people who live in the Cleveland neighborhood where the it all happened have been upset by Ramsey’s actions.

Now a Cleveland police report from May 31, 2013 describes a incident where Ramsey is allegedly harassing and threatening Jovita Martí, the daughter of Aurora Martí, one of the elderly women who witnessed the rescue.

POLICE REPORT: Cleveland Internet Hero Charles Ramsey Harassing and Stalking Neighbors

Here is what the police report says:


Jovita Martí is not the only one who has allegedly been confronted by Ramsey. Our sources in Cleveland say that Ramsey has also confronted Altagracia Tejeda. The following story from Cleveland.com provides more context about Aurora Martí and Tejada:

Aurora Marti drags her green plastic chair — the one with the Cleveland Indians cushion — across the narrow driveway to Altagracia Tejeda’s small, stone patio next door. Angel Cordero, a friend from nearby, is on the porch.

When weather allows, it’s a nightly ritual for the friends and neighbors on Seymour Avenue.

As Marti nags Tejeda to take her allergy medicine, they hear the first call for help.

The loud cries are coming from the white, run-down house across the street. As she dashes over, Marti sees an arm reaching out from behind the front door. The young woman trapped inside introduces herself: “I’m Amanda Berry.”

Marti, 75, does not speak English. But she knows enough to recognize the name and respond in disbelief.

“You can’t be Amanda. Amanda is dead.”

Berry pleads for help with the storm door. It opens only a crack before catching on a chain or bolt.

Marti can’t pull. Arthritis. She calls for Cordero.

The anxiety and confusion of the moment, combined with a dispute afterward over who deserves more credit, will lead to conflicting accounts about what happens in the next seconds, before Berry emerges from a hole in the storm door.

At some point Charles Ramsey, who lives next door to Castro, comes outside. Ramsey, 43, will say he’s the one who kicked out a lower panel in the door and rescued Berry. Cordero, 32, will say he and Berry worked on both sides of the door to remove the panel. He, Marti and another witness will tell reporters Ramsey did not show up until after Berry was free.

But even their accounts won’t line up in all places. And Ramsey’s story will change with each retelling between now and his national TV appearances later in the week. Police will praise Ramsey but not mention efforts by others.