Social Media Pictures and Videos from Last Night’s #ChangeBrazil Protests

Jun 18, 2013
9:54 am

Last night, Brazil woke up.

With massive protests occurring in several of the country’s major cities, what started out last week as a protest against increased bus fares has “evolved into a broader movement by groups and individuals irate over a range of issues including the country’s high cost of living and lavish new stadium projects.” Brazil ha not seen protests like these since the military dictatorship period of the mid-1980s.


The protests have already gotten major media play, including The New York Times and the BBC. The Times even reported that social media played a huge part in the protests’ quick and massive growth:

Sharing a parallel with the antigovernment protests in Turkey, the demonstrations in Brazil intensified after a harsh police crackdown last week stunned many citizens. In images shared widely on social media, the police here were seen beating unarmed protesters with batons and dispersing crowds by firing rubber bullets and tear gas into their midst.

A Storify we published earlier today presents a sampling of last night’s most powerful images.