A Surprisingly Pleasant Lunch Moment: Five Guys Goes Bilingual

Jun 27, 2013
12:30 pm

This took us by surprise today, a nice pleasant surprise. We were having lunch at a Five Guys in Braintree, MA, and as we were about the order, we saw this at the cash register:


An actual bilingual condiments menu at point of order. Smart.

Granted, maybe some of the translated words weren’t 100% perfect, but kudos to Five Guys for understanding that a little Spanish can go a long way. Not that we eat burgers and fries every day, and there is the whole issue of the store still cooking its fries peanut oil (hello, allergies?), but still, this was cool to see. And yes, some of the cooking our meal were speaking in Spanish and Portuguese.

No wonder the following image was found on its fan wall:

Just a refreshingly hopeful moment in Rebelandia today.