Will You Watch the Mexico-US Border Crime Show “The Bridge” Tonight?

Jul 10, 2013
7:39 am

Did you know that when the US version of “The Bridge” was being considered by FX, the first pitch was to base it on the Canadian border? Now THAT would have been interesting. Instead, the new series, which premieres tonight at 10pm, is based on “a show that takes place on the U.S./Mexico border.” We gave our initial thoughts in a previous post, and in another post, where FX’s president said, “For years networks having been trying develop a drama series set on the U.S.-Mexican border without any success.” In that same post, the show’s creators told EW that they did some research in Ciudad Juárez: ““It was actually really nice. To be fair, we didn’t go to buy drugs or to pick up a hooker, and it was daylight.”

You get the issue by now. You just wonder about “The Bridge,” which by the way, was based on a show from Scandinavia. Will it deliver? Does it help move the perceptions of US-Mexico relations outside of the stereotypical? How do we feel about it? @xomaus said it best for us. (SIDENOTE: We were invited to speak about the show last week on NPR, and we did. However, the final cut of the segment didn’t include any of our comments. Bummer.)


Maybe it will deliver. Just read what one of the show’s leads Demián Bichir had to say at a recent press conference: “At first I was concerned about how well Mexico would be portrayed in the series. Not only in terms of drama, but in terms of how Hollywood looks at us. But this show has the promise of keeping it real and representing both cultures well.” Yeah, but it’s still a “border show” that has a realistic quality to it. The border as crime-ridden, the border as chaos. And you wonder why Congress is talking about a “border surge” this summer?

We will say that the Spanish being spoke on the show is cool. So what do you think? Will you watch it?