Marc Anthony: The Entertainment Industry Doesn’t Owe Latinos Anything

Jul 25, 2013
5:03 pm

This week Marc Anthony went on HuffPost Live to talk about his newest album, but the pop star also took the time to address Latino stereotypes in media, as well the whole “God Bless America” story from last week:


On Tuesday, the 44-year-old singer stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his newly released album “Marc Anthony 3.0” (July 23) with host Marc Lamont Hill. During the interview the star discussed his 10 year hiatus from the genre, the racist remarks over his recent performance of “God Bless America,” and even his thoughts on the portrayal of Latinos in the media.Adding to a viewer’s video question concerning any upcoming projects on film or television, Hill alluded to the “Devious Maids” stereotype controversy and asked the singer whether he believed there was “space to have a different kind of Latino representation.”

“Is that the show with the fine maids?,” Anthony asked before answering the question.

“As far as people being in uproar, they don’t owe us anything. The industry doesn’t owe us anything, networks don’t owe us anything. You have a complaint? Educate yourself, take up writing, become a producer, direct it,” the salsa singer told HuffPost Live. “You know what I’m saying? Get up and do it — write good material, produce good films. I’m not of the mind that we’re owed [anything] because ‘oh every Latino on TV is either criminal…then get up and do better.”

The singer added that he was “in the middle of considering” a role himself.

You can catch the interview segment here, and the full interview here. What do you think of Anthony’s comments?