The Most Creatively Amazing Tumblr Page Ever: The Smiths Meet Charlie Brown

Aug 15, 2013
10:51 pm

They say that some of life’s most genius works come from simplicity. In the case of the “This charming Charlie” Tumblr, it is ever so true.

Imagine this. Take lyrics from The Smiths, one of the greatest “Latino” bands ever, and combine them with Peanuts cartoons. Add perhaps one of the most creative Tumblr names to the site, and there you have it.


Ever since our good friend and eternal #Rebelde @kiki416 shared the Tumblr page with us, we can’t stop visiting it. You can see all the gold here, but we did share a few our our favorites, although to be honest with you, all the images on the Tumblr are our favorites. (All image credits:




This. Taking our pop culture sensibility and cranking it up a notch. Perfection.

As for the Tumblr’s creator, meet Lauren, everyone:

This Charming Charlie is a tumblr by Lauren LoPrete, a graphic designer living and working in the Bay Area. When she’s not pushing pixels, Lauren co-runs a record label, called Loglady with her boyfriend Jason.