Puerto Ricans Get Really Pissed About Long Line at Cheesecake Factory Grand Opening

Aug 29, 2013
8:57 pm

Seriously? Puerto Rico is facing real problems but people are complaining about the grand opening of a Cheesecake Factory and how busy it is? It’s a Cheesecake Factory, people. It’s the grand opening. Psst, we think the place will be open tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that.


Here’s the scoop, a Cheesecake Factory opened in Plaza Las Américas, the island’s iconic shopping supermall.

The Masticao Facebook page posted the following video on Facebook, and now all social media hell broke lose.

The video has been shared over 1600 times already. 1600 times. 1600.

This comment (translated into English) got 80 likes:

“Pa comerse un trapo d cheesecake se matan y para defender el pais se quedan mirando dsd el tv.” (People will kill for a raggy piece of cheesecake, but when you want to defend your country, they just sit in front of their TV.”

That alone says it all.

Puerto Rico—where people go crazy about a long busy Cheesecake Factory line on its grand opening.