Person Who Posted Viral Image of US Soldier Objecting to Syria Intervention Says Image is Real

Sep 3, 2013
7:10 pm

It is the image that spread through social media this weekend. A unidentified member of the US Navy holding up a sign, objecting to his country’s Syria policy because he “won’t fight for Al-Qaeda in a Syrian civil war.” The image refers to reports that some of the Syrian rebels support Al-Qaeda.

CREDIT: Angel Clark Show

CREDIT: Angel Clark Show

Angel Clark of The Angel Clark Show claims she posted the original image. In a September 2 an Examiner piece she writes:

The image struck a chord with the rest of my fans, and received thousands upon thousands of shares. I began being contacted by members of the media, requesting the information for the sailor who sent me the original picture. No matter who asks, my answer is no. I also received other pictures from people in the military, all with the same type of message. It seems the first image inspired many in the military.

I refused to put my logo on the original image that I was sent, because it’s not about me, it’s about the message. I had thought the most offensive thing I could have seen done with this image was someone defacing it to claim credit instead of the brave sailor who wanted to make a stand. It turns out I was wrong.

Many members of the mainstream media are now claiming that the photo was “faked” by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The SEA took some of the images floating around on social media and “hacked” into the official website of the marines,, on Monday. The media is now claiming that all these images are obviously faked, and it must have been done by the SEA.

This is absolutely not true. There are thousands of members of the United States military who do not want this war. Please remember that as people try to turn a brave message from a sailor into propaganda to prove we must go to war, the very opposite of what this sailor was trying to accomplish.