E! News Calls JLO’s Celia Cruz Tribute “Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights” and Then Deletes Tweet

Nov 25, 2013
12:26 pm

First we had to defend Pitbull (first time for us) and now we have to defend JLO? Is this Bizarro Day at Latino Rebels?


Last night JLO paid tribute to Celia Cruz at the AMAs.

Guess that didn’t sit too well with people as well, who also questioned JLO’s “Americaness” on Twitter. Here’s the scoop, via NBC Latino’s Nina Terrero:

E! News added to the criticism of Lopez’s performance – never mind that the 44-year-old’s tribute was nearly flawless— tweeting “Nice to see they’re previewing the ‘Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights’ musical at the #AMAs tonight.”

Terrero’s piece then goes on to say that Latino Twitter took E! News to task.


Terrero then added this, “E! News has yet to respond to NBC Latino’s request for comment regarding the tweet, which has since been deleted.”

Of course they aren’t commenting, because E! News is clueless.

Seriously, defending BOTH Pitbull and JLo on the same day? Historic day for LR.