Where Have You Gone, Soopermexican?

Dec 2, 2013
12:26 am

December 3, 2013: Cafe con Leche Republicans has published another response on Fox News Latino.

UPDATED As expected, Soop doesn’t like us so he/she is sending his/her Gringo Army after us, claiming we are homophobic and a “Leftist Mexican Blog.” Meh. We knew he/she would react this way. Still anonymous. BTW, the homophobe is calling us homophobes now. Yeah, this makes sense.

Soop has also taken the time to write a response basically saying that we question his/her Mexicaness. He continues to rally his Gringo Army, but here is the problem with his/her thesis: it is because of his/her desire to stay anonymous as a published columnist that made us question whether he/she is of Mexican descent. That is all. If you are, that’s fine, but because you are anonymous, we don’t believe you. Why then stay anonymous? What do you have to gain by doing so? These are legit questions, especially when you write for FOX News. Is there are other anonymous columnist you know on FOX? And Soop can wax poetic all he/she likes, call us Marxists, commies, etc. (yawn), in the end, the anonymity and how it is used to bully others online is still a copout. We would respect Soop tons if he/she actually was more transparent. Other very outspoken Latino conservatives are, and at least you got to them those people props. As for Soop? He/She can bring in all the friends in the world (almost all non-Latino) to tell us to go to hell. Doesn’t matter to us. It is still clear: Soop uses the bully power of the digital world to hate on Latino conservatives who don’t agree with him/her. We called him/her out on it, and many people we know are tired on his/her crap. Simple as that.

ORIGINAL POST BELOW (yeah, the one Soop lifted completely saying that he/she was “citing” it. We didn’t know that lifting a 1,000+ word post was “citing.”)

There used to be a time when a lot of the Rebeldes actually thought the anonymous Soopermexican was kind of cool. Hell, there was even a time when our group kind of respected the “SOOPer. MEXY. CONservative.” He/She was fun to engage on Twitter, even though we rarely agreed on issues, but when we did share similar views (Chimichanga-Gate, anyone?), it was actually kind of fun. You knew where you stood and we actually believed that Soop also thought that amplifying Latino ignorance was a noble thing to do.

Those fun times have changed and to be honest, we blocked Soop a while ago after we noticed that his/her views were getting more and more out there and that he/she basically spends a lot of time on Twitter just crapping and trolling on people. His/Her shtick was getting trite and the whole anonymous things was cowardly. You would think that such a self-proclaimed Internet celebrity would want to reveal his/her identity. Maybe add to your his/her credibility, but as we soon discovered, the Soop has become a caricature of his/her former brilliance, his/her role limited to being the symbolic “Mexican friend” so many so-called conservatives want to have around. Meh.


And now he/she is getting notoriety, having been published with his/her anonymous byline in outlets such as Fox News Latino and Independent Journal Review. Both outlets seem to have no problem allowing an anonymous person to write for them. You would think that those types of outlets would actually have the integrity to at least be transparent about his/her identity. We did reach out to FNL to see what they would say, but as of this post getting published, FNL hasn’t gotten back to us. (And before you go ahead and jump on us for writing a byline under Rebeldes, read more about us since we are pretty transparent in what we write and how we are formed, unlike Soop.)

Problem is, for several Latino conservatives, Soop is just a bully who hides behind a mask. Literally.

National outlets let him/her bask in his/her anonymity, while at the same time he/she just trolls like mad to “prove” to non-Latinos that some Latinos are just fake and can’t be trusted. As a result, such non-Latinos choose to believe in an anonymous faceless profile because hey, that anonymous profile is Mexican and he/she is wearing a Lucha Libre mask, so he/she must be real. They will defend him like giddy teenagers at a One Direction concert. And like he/she says on his/her Facebook page: “A place for the Gringo Army to rest, take a swig of tequila, have a taco, and relax before we go off to the next anti-liberal mission.” The Gringo Army eats it up, even though they have clue who he/she is.

And that is the issue here: if a profile stays anonymous and is not sharing his/her identity, we are just left to wonder if Soop is even Mexican to begin with. Sure, we have met plenty of hardcore extreme Mexicans, but unlike Soop, we know these people’s names. Soop just wants to hide. Like a coward. With no… well, you know what he/she might be lacking.

Instead, it is just too easy for Soop to keep reveling in bullying. The latest involves his/her attacks on Cafe con Leche Republicans, a group we actually respect even though some of their positions don’t mesh with ours. Nonetheless, CCLR is made up of good people who are smart and are actually trying to achieve the impossible: get more Latinos to think Republican. They really try to engage the debate with the right intentions. It seems Soop is just in it to stick it to CCLR just because he/she can. Gotta keep the RINO flame going, prove to your Gringo Army that other Latino voices are deceptive. Here are just a few examples:



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When we reached out to CCLR, this is what they told us (CCLR is assuming Soop is a guy, but we have no proof of that yet):


Cafe Con Leche Republicans fully supports the ‘big tent’ principle of great conservative leaders like Ronald Reagan, Jack Kemp, and George Bush. There are plenty of Republicans on both sides of the immigration debate with principled positions who debate the issue respectfully.

However, civil discourse requires civility. We blocked Soopermexican from our twitter feed as a result of his vulgar and increasingly bizarre tweets. Soopermexican’s mannerism and his mask seem a better fit for a WWF wrestling match. We support Soopermexican’s right of free speech, but his shrill and vulgar attacks on anyone who supports immigration reform are inconsistent with Reagan’s big tent philosophy, and his vulgarity and cyberbully antics are an embarrassment to all conservatives.

Soopermexican represents a disturbing trend that sadly, has taken hold in the Republican party: the lack of civil political discourse. Bloggers, radio show hosts, and even many elected officials have seen personal benefit in polarizing and demeaning anyone who disagrees with them, and creating conflict to generate attention for themselves. This lack of civility isn’t just directed to Democrats or liberals; as we have seen first hand, fellow Republicans are unfairly being labeled RINOS, and in our case, subjected to profane treatment. It may generate more readers for their blog or support for their personal political ambitions in the short term, but in the long run, it undermines the party and alienates average Americans who would vote Republican but are repulsed by their behavior. The best thing Soopermexican can do for the conservative movement is to stop calling himself “conservative.” Cyberbullying and bigotry are not conservative values.

But that is Soop and in fact, of all the things we have read about him/her and how he/she operates, this is perhaps the best reply we have ever seen:

What that dude said.

We were surprised to see that Soop never did respond to @dubhe0ne’s challenge in Spanish. A real Mexican would have done that, not matter his/her politics.

By the way, Soop’s response to all this? He/She lifted our entire post and placed it on his/her site without asking for permission. Typical of a bully. The Soop claims is it all b/c of our “failing website” that we did this. Last time we checked, Soop, we easily outraffic your site. Check the stats. And then writing a response where he/she uses an April Fools post we wrote last year as his “evidence?” Even more lame.