Meet the Young Man Who Shouted Down Mexican President and Got Forcibly Removed

Dec 22, 2013
12:09 pm

It is perhaps one of the more powerful images of the last few days, and chances are that you haven’t seen it here in the United States, although if you were on Facebook and follow Mexican politics, chances are that this is all you have seen on your newsfeed.

Here is the image of a young man getting removed on Friday from a speech being given by Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto during a celebration of the country’s Consejo Nacional de Seguridad Pública (National Council of Public Security) at Mexico’s National Palace.


Here is a video.

So who is he and why did he do it? According to Animal Político, the young man is named Daniel Michel Blázquez Aguilar. He had gotten press credentials and was sitting in the press area when he got up and spoke out against Mexico’s move to privatize its energy industry, saying that the legislation never had the proper public dialogue. He reportedly said the following: “Hey, hey, why didn’t you consult with us about energy reform?”

Soon enough Blázquez Aguilar was pretty much manhandled and removed. The office of the Mexican presidency said said that “the President the Republic was rebuked by a person.” As a result, security had to be brought in. Here is an English translation of an official statement:

“The person was removed from the site and was asked to identify himself, which he did using a military service ID, which showed his name as Daniel Michel Blázquez Aguilar. This said person entered the premises as a reporter. He subsequently underwent medical examination provided as is the protocol and we certified that he showed no injuries. Finally, this person was removed from the National Palace.”