Another Banner Year for

Dec 29, 2013
5:04 pm

2013 was another fantastic year for

Latino Rebel

Here are just some of the highlights:

Our Best Year Ever

  • From January 1, 2013 to December 29, 2013, had 1,092,188 visits, 875,638 unique visitors and 1,423,449 pageviews. Compared to 2012, saw a 78% increase in visits (481,089 more visits in 2013 than in 2012), an 84% percent increase in unique visitors (400,691 more unique visitors in 2013 than in 2012) and an 67% increase in pageviews (570,661 more pageviews in 2013 than 2012).
  • Since launched on May 5, 2011, the site has seen 1,769,632 visits, 1,395,420 unique visitors and 2,366,295 pageviews. Our 2013 traffic accounted for 62% of all the page’s overall visits, 63% of the site’s total unique visitors and 60% of all total pageviews.
  • Our December 29, 2013 Alexa ranking is 60,620 in the United States and 265,798 in the world, making us one of the top independent Latino media sites in the world. You can check it for yourself.

Our Top Stories of the Year

  1. MUST WATCH VIDEO: Diego Luna Teaches Conan About #NoMames: 62,618 views
  2. UT’s Young Conservatives Hosting “Catch an Illegal Immigrant” Game: 55,897 views
  3. Video of Brazilian Police Sitting Down with #ChangeBrazil Demonstrators Goes Viral: 25,642 views
  4. Twitter Goes Ballistic About Mexican American Boy Singing National Anthem at NBA Finals: 14,936 views
  5. Why Is Urban Outfitters Hawking the UFW Logo on a Denim Shirt?: 10,622 views
  6. “God Made a Farmer” Super Bowl Commercial Celebrates Farmers, Yet Ignores Reality: 9,688 views
  7. Now The Twitter Ignoranti Hating on Pitbull… And We’re Defending Him: 9,075 views
  8. Dominican Govt Official’s Email to Junot Díaz: You’re a “Fake and Overrated Pseudo Intellectual” Who Needs to Speak Spanish Better: 9,054 views
  9. ICE Raids Home of DREAMer Activist Leader Erika Andiola: 8,310 views
  10. When You Are Not Latin@ Enough: The Sad Case of Jakiyah McKoy, Little Miss Hispanic Delaware: 7,797 views

Our Top Contributors of the Year

Where Our Stories Were Featured/Linked (Partial List)

Our group was also featured in a lengthy interview on NPR. There was a also a very cool profile about our founder here from Poder magazine as well as another one from Fusion that was not as good nor accurate. Nonetheless, we say, “¡GRACIAS A TODOS! THANK YOU, EVERYONE!” 2013 was a fantastic year and we are very excited for 2014.

And as for the haters? Here’s our answer to you all, especially the anonymous ones.

Stay Rebelde, familia. Your support for this page and this community is beyond amazing. We will continue to independently produce the content we want to produce, content that reflects the bilingual, bicultural world we live in.