King of Facebook’s “Your in America” Pic Exposes All That Is Ignorant About the US of A

Dec 31, 2013
1:06 pm

Leave it to George Takei, the King of Facebook, to post one image that has gone megaviral and has people talking.

Here is the image:


It explains itself, and it is one theme that we have always followed: why are so many “ENGLISH ONLY GO BACK HOME TO MEXICO” people such bad spellers?

The image is red hot on Facebook, but it is the comments section that has us shaking our heads. Check it out and jump in => Join the convo.

And leave it to OUR COMMUNITY to school them all:

AMERICA is composed of North AMERICA,Central AMERICA and South AMERICA,from Canada to the Patagonia….apart from proper English spelling,he/ she should take a geography and history class.

Or better yet: you’re in America, a continent that consists of many countries, where in most of them, Spanish is the main language. Or even better: you’re in America, learn the native languages. Until then get the fuck out my face, son

So sad when people try to be rude and you can’t help but laugh because they obviously didn’t learn anything in school.

And he’s got the Yankees sticker. It just can’t get any worse.