Our Readers Have Spoken: Richwine Wins #NoMames and Pope Francis Is #Rebelde

Dec 31, 2013
11:51 am

With over 800 votes tabulated (all unique votes, repeating votes were not allowed), readers and followers of LatinoRebels.com have chosen Jason Richwine as the winner of the #NoMames2013 award and Pope Francis as this year’s #Rebelde2013. This entire process was generated by our community and their suggestions, and not us. In fact, we are still surprised to see Pope Francis take the top slot with close to 50% of all the votes in that poll.


Here were the final results:


  1. Jason Richwine, the “Hispanic Low IQ” Guy: 36.19%
  2. President Barack Obama, AKA “The Deporter-in-Chief”: 25.29%
  3. La Familia Cruz: 10.12%
  4. EPN, Mexico’s out-of-touch president: 7.39%
  5. Other: 7.39%
  6. Speaker John Boehner, still staying clueless about immigration reform: 7%
  7. Sara Legvold, defender of apartheid: 6.61%

The top “Other” votes included the following: “@Thisisfusion for changing their mission to only wink at Hispanics,” (good point) “Jeff Sessions and Steve King,” (obvious) “Susan Pai, the Florida anti-immigrant immigration lawyer,” (she isn’t a big fan of immigration activists) “Café con Leche Republicans” (guess people didn’t like the fact that Legvold was nominated) and “Dee Dee Blase García” (you know, the Tequila Party founder who doesn’t like this page at all). FYI, none of the Rebels are allowed to vote on the poll or answers, so these are our readers speaking.

Richwine got slammed earlier this year for a Harvard dissertation which included conclusions such as the following:

No one knows whether Hispanics will ever reach IQ parity with whites, but the prediction that new Hispanic immigrants will have low-IQ children and grandchildren is difficult to argue against.

Soon enough, Heritage said adiós to Richwine, but we won’t. In fact, we plan to send him the following gift for the #NoMames win:


The #Rebelde2013 results surprised us all. Yeah, we know that Pope Francis is popular, but we guess people have’t read anything about his past on this page. And this page also got critical about the whole “Latino pope” thing. However, this entire process is all about OUR READERS and COMMUNITY, not us, and they nominated the Argentine Jesuit who loves his mate. He actually got the highest number of nominations and also the highest number of votes. Here are the final results:


    1. Pope Francis: 46.4%
    2. The Dream 9 activists: 29.98%
    3. Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower: 9.09%
    4. Ju Hong, the Obama “#Not1More” heckler: 7.39%
    5. UT’s protest against “Catch an Illegal Immigrant”: 4.73%
    6. Other: 1.52%

The top “Other” votes included the following: “All except Pope Francis. He doesn’t belong there at all.” (explains itself) “the immigrant,” (kind of like TIME magazine) “Chelsea Manning,” (we’re not surprised) “Nelson Mandela” (RIP, Madiba) and “Subcomandante Marcos” (makes sense).

Here are what some of our readers said about the Francis choice:

“Pope Francis!!!! Rebel of the year!!! Fo sho!!!”

“My vote is for the Pope. Which I honestly never thought I’d hear myself say.”

“Doesn’t it seem strange to anyone that this Pope is working so hard to portray a very liberal image? I mean the Pope before him, Pope Benedict XVI, was pretty conservative and went by the book, no pun intended, and now there is this rockstar pope? Seriously, the Vatican is doing some serious PR and it’s working, apparently. People are so easily fooled, it’s scary.”

“What’s strange is how cynical you are. People in Catholic circles have been talking about Bergoglio as a serious candidate for the papacy since before Benedict XVI. Pope Francis isn’t trying to fool you, he’s just doing his job well. What’s the point of the church doing a PR campaign? It’s not like the Vatican can make a profit out of public opinion.”

“The pope?; I would not be surprised if he actually done something different from the other popes, he is just an misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic asshole, like all the past ones i dont know why people thinks he’s so good.”

“The Pope me la pela. Totally not voting for him, don’t care how hip he maybe, he’s still a Catholic man.”

Thanks for a great year, familia.