Irony of Ironies: Group with Ties to White Supremacists Invokes MLK in TV Commercial

Jan 15, 2014
11:23 pm

Divide and conquer, baby.


That’s pretty much the message anti-immigration group Californians for Population Stabilization is sharing with us all.

As Right Wing Watch says:

The appeal to King’s memory is more than a little ironic coming from a group that is tied to white nationalist John Tanton and that just this fall hired a founding member of the new-Confederate group League of the South. CAPS spokesman Joe Guzzardi, who announced in a press release that political leaders have “lost sight of Dr. King’s dream” has written dozens of blog posts for the white nationalist website VDARE.

Here is the release CAPS wrote:

LOS ANGELES (January 14, 2014) – Californians for Population Stabilization launched TV ads today across America leading up to Monday’s birthday celebration of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The TV ads are running on several national cable networks, with much of the media buy focused on daytime programming that skews heavily toward unemployed minority audiences.

The ads feature poignant music and stark black and white photos of displaced American workers. A baritone voice asks how Dr. King “would feel about 20% of African-Americans unemployed or underemployed. About giving amnesty and jobs to 11 million illegal aliens with so many Americans jobless. About admitting 30 million more immigrant workers when 17% of Hispanic Americans are having trouble finding work. About Americans of all races not seeing a wage increase in 40 years.”  The commercial concludes with the question, “Was THAT Dr. King’s dream?”

“As we mark the great Dr. King’s birthday, it’s safe to say, higher minority unemployment and no wage increase in 40 years were not part of his dream for Americans,” said Joe Guzzardi, Media Director for CAPS.  “So, why do so many of our congressional leaders today want to admit millions more immigrant workers to take jobs and depress wages when hardworking African-American and Hispanic American workers can’t find jobs?  Have our leaders lost sight of Dr. King’s dream?”

First of all, you HAVE to love their media strategy, “with much of the media buy focused on daytime programming that skews heavily toward unemployed minority audiences.”

And now ALL of the U.S.’s problems are directly correlated to the undocumented?

We just threw up in our beer.