Celebrating Los Beatles

Feb 7, 2014
12:05 pm

On the day when everyone is reminiscing about when four lads from Liverpool arrived in New York City 50 years ago, we decided to celebrate “Los Beatles.”


Here is just a sampling of some our favorite finds:

From a 2012 Christian Science Monitor article:

In 1965, the Beatles announced a possible tour in Mexico, but Mexico’s then- iron-fisted authoritarian government blocked the plan, saying that Mexico’s youth weren’t ready for an event of that magnitude. And so fans were left eternally waiting.

Perhaps that’s why Mexico holds the record for radio time dedicated to Beatles music at 12 hours weekly. Fans can listen to Universal radio’s “Club de Los Beatles” every morning during rush hour; the station also sponsors an actual fan club which claims 1 million card-carrying members. The program’s host plays everything from the group’s happy early hits to its more dissonant, obscure later work.

At a 1965 press conference, the band was specifically asked about whether they were asked about whether they would do a South American or Russian tour. Here is what they said:

Q: “George, have you and the Beatles ever been to South America and Russia for a tour?”


Q: “Why not?”

JOHN: “The Russians don’t like us.”

GEORGE: “And we don’t particularly want to go to Russia.”

PAUL: “They burn us there.”

GEORGE: “And South America– I don’t think they’ve ever heard of us down there.”

PAUL: “Yes they have, George. We nearly went this time ‘cuz Brian (Epstein) wanted to see Mexico.”

JOHN: “We tour the places our manager wants to see. He takes his camera. So, we’ll be going there pretty soon, eh Brian?”


By the way, the 2012 CSM piece was published just right before Paul McCartney played in Mexico City. You have to watch these two clips:

But Sir Paul was singing “Bésamo mucho” in the band’s early days:

We also found this cool pic from 1970 at the end of the band’s career (h/t to http://martinmrochaart.com/)

Via: http://martinmrochaart.com/2011/07/28/the-beatles-influence-in-latin-america-and-the-rolling-stones-disaster-at-altamont-by-martin-m-rocha/

Via: http://martinmrochaart.com

And this one from Argentina (via Beatlesite)

Via: http://beatlesite.blogspot.com/2008/05/south-americas-records.html

Via: http://beatlesite.blogspot.com/2008/05/south-americas-records.html

A cover from Uruguay:


If you ever have a hour of your time, check out the YouTube site of Pako Alfie Giarazzolla. A few gem:

And don’t forget the “tropical tribute” to Los Beatles.


Celia Cruz, anyone?

Here’s another one from the album:

And we had to include this:

¡Que vivan Los Beatles!