Camila Vallejo Tweets Support for Maduro Gov’t While Venezuelan Students Call for Disarmament

Feb 22, 2014
11:36 am

After not tweeting since February 4, the Twitter profile of Chilean student leader Camila Vallejo has posted several tweets in the past 24 hours supporting the Venezuela government and calling the country’s current anti-government protests part of a right-wing conspiracy to snuff out a democratic movement in Latin America.

Here is what Vallejo’s profile tweeted this morning and last night:


Tweet 1: “In Chile we want to give lessons in democracy to Venezuela and they are the only country with revocable mandates.”

Tweet 2 was an RT of a Cuban blogger, who tweeted, “The fascist opposition is jeopardizing democracy in #Venezuela, power is gained at the polls, not through crime.”

Tweet 3: “The Venezuelan right is repeating the same script as the 2002 coup, but this brave country has already learned from that #VenezuelaPower

Tweet 4: “A coup from Venezuela would be a direct attack on all the sovereign projects in our region #nothefascistcoupinVenezuela”

Tweet 5: “In Chile we want to give lessons in democracy to Venezuela and our constitution was created by a dictator, theirs by the people..”

Vallejo is a prominent leftist Chilean student leader involved in a 2011 protest movement. Last year she was elected to her country’s Congress.

Meanwhile, a video from Venezuelan students was shared yesterday via YouTube, condemning the government of Nicolás Maduro as being totalitarian and anti-democratic. In the following video, students are calling for peace, a new social movement that does not follow any political party. The video also says that the protests are non-violent and peaceful. There are calls for all students detained by the government to be free, for disarmament of paramilitary groups and a call for a more democratic society. In addition, the students called for the country’s armed forces to join their cause.

One YouTuber offered a quick translation of the video:

The Venezuelan youth, considering the totalitarian regime that governs us.

Dissatisfied with the lies, optical illusions and imposed violence of this government, deeply hurting the heart of all Venezuelans and aspiring to darken our conscience, generating resentments and spitting society.

There’s a historic responsibility of guiding the public opinion to achieve the reconciliation of the Venezuelan people and re-conquer our democracy.

Now we want to present the principles and demands that are the foundation to our struggle in a non violent resistance.

Venezuela is living tormented times of misery, a constructed drama orchestrated by the lies that soaks our hearts in hate and divisions. The regime lies to the world describing our protests as violent. And prevents to deny deny the crisis the country is living. As if it weren’t obvious the reasons that generate so much social discontent.

Our people suffers from countless injustices as a result of violence. The deep economic crisis. The lack of respect of our rights. They’ve taken away our freedom, and the prosperous future of our country.

As the youth, it is our right to man manifest our discomfort through pacific protests against all these violations. To achieve livery and democracy. And to live in a country where there is a possibility the inclusion, the peace and the prosperity of all Venezuelans.

We want to the surpass historic failure this regime has always taken us.

Our movement promotes an essential change for Venezuela. That is not leading towards any political movement. We are the youth, liberated from resentments, preconceptions and divisions. We want a free Venezuela with a healthy heart.

We’ve awaken the right to fight against the oppression of the lies, and we won’t rest until our nation becomes once again unified for all Venezuelans. Our courage isn’t born from bravery and violence, it comes from the strength of our conviction.

These are our demands:

1. Demand liberty to all detained students. We want to end the tortures and the human rights violation. Immediately. And we demand justice against the ones that ordered and performed the torture of the detainee.

2. We demand the end of repressive techniques that respond in violent ways and generate extend discontent inside our armed forces.

3. We demand the immediate dismantling of the armed paramilitary forces that call themselves commentary collectives. They instigate terror to the Venezuelan people and we don’t want to have so many unpunished crimes.

4. We demand the renovation and re-legitimacy of the Public Powers in a democratic manner, consistent with the reality of this country. This should allow “amongst other things” the renovation of the rectorial periods of our autonomous universities.

5. We demand to end the censorship against our mass communication and media and we condemn the liar media hegemony of this regime that wants the misinformation and extortion of the people.

6. We condemn the destruction of the national productive sector that generated the shortages and high living costs and “even more”, it devalues the possibility of building our future

We call all the civil society, syndicates, guilds, business owners, workers and family institutions so we can join together this historic challenge. For the justice and reconciliation of all Venezuelans. Hate can’t be defeated with hate, only love prevails.

We call the air forces “like Venezuelan brothers” to lay out the re-republican reconstruction of the country. Our fight, is your fight, against the lies and injustice and for the construction of an independent, prosperous, just and democratic.

And to those that call themselves “the government” please know that as the Venezuelan youth we are, we outline a reconciled society, based on solidarity and justice. We won’t stop fighting, until this materializes.

Let’s reconstruct Venezuela, let’s reconquer democracy, let’s restore the justice, lets recover the liberty and last… Let’s reconcile the country.

With more demonstrations called for this weekend, the BBC reported this morning that Maduro is calling on President Obama to have a dialogue with him: “I call for a dialogue between Venezuela and the United States and its government. Let’s initiate a high-level dialogue and let’s put the truth out on the table.”

AFP is reporting that “nine people have been killed, 104 injured and 137 arrested in weeks of street demonstrations that begin peacefully and often turn violent, according to government figures.”

Here is a Reuters report of the latest: