New YouTube #ResistenciaVZLA Video Highlights Confrontations in Ciudad Bolívar

Feb 23, 2014
12:21 pm

With about 371,000 residents, the town of Ciudad Bolívar is situated in the southeastern part of Venezuela, about 364 miles from the capital city of Caracas.


This morning, a video filmed by Luis Ortuño @Luis_Ortuno and edited by Luis Robles @LJRPro was posted to YouTube. The video shows images from the weekend in Ciudad Bolívar and clearly supports the current protests against the government of Nicolás Maduro.

We tweeted to Ortuño and Robles about the video and when it was filmed.

“We just saw your video from today, when was this filmed?” This is what Ortuño told us in Spanish:


“Good morning, yesterday, 2/22/2014, Ciudad Bolívar.”

“Yesterday, February 22, each video has a date, greetings.”

The events in Ciudad Bolívar took place the same day that saw both opposition and pro-government demonstrations in Caracas. According to reports, Henrique Capriles, one of the leading opposition voices and a two-time presidential candidate, said the following, “If you (Maduro) can’t, then it’s time to go,” when talking about Venezuela’s economic problems.

Here is Capriles’ full speech in Spanish:

At the same opposition rally, The Los Angeles Times reported that the wife of Leopoldo Lopez, who turned himself last week to the government after being charged for starting the protests earlier in February, addressed the crowd.

“No one can tell me this is not a dictatorship. This is a dictatorship. No one can tell me we are divided. We are united. Leopoldo will do what is necessary so that Venezuelans unite in peace, and can walk the streets in safety,” Liliana Tintori said.

Reports also said that once the opposition rally broke up, “about 1,000 stragglers erected barricades of trash and other debris and threw rocks and bottles at police and National Guardsmen. The troops responded with volleys of tear gas to prevent the students from reach a highway and blocking traffic.”

In another pro-government rally, the country’s First Lady, Cilia Flores said, “Venezuela isn’t Ukraine. The right-wing fascists aren’t going to be able to impose themselves.” Also, President Maduro called for the opposition to cease the violence and agree to his call for dialogue.

“This elected president, the son of Chavez, is going to keep protecting the people. Nobody is going to blackmail me,” Maduro said, according to reports.

The LA Times also reported that ever since the protests began to take shape on February 12, “unofficial death toll” is at 11 people dead:

The most recent victim was Geraldine Moreno, 23, a university student. She died Saturday after being shot in the head with rubber bullets by a National Guard unit in her home town of Valencia.