Russian Political Analyst Suggests Crimea Can Be Russia’s Puerto Rico

Mar 5, 2014
7:24 am

We totally understand that the situation in Ukraine is serious, but when our founder gets the following tweet from our friends at Puerto Rico Serio, we just HAD to share:

So we checked it out, and yes, the link lead us to this headline: “Crimea: the Next Puerto Rico?” The translated post was originally written in Russian by political analyst Georgiy Bovt, who used Wikipedia (yes, Wikipedia) to make his case for the “next Puerto Rico.”

Here is the suggestion:


For instance, the United States has a state-to-state agreement with Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico has wide autonomy on many issues, but is de facto under U.S. jurisdiction). In a 2012 referendum, Puerto Ricans voted for incorporation as the 51st U.S. state (in the six previous referendums, this position had never won a majority). Now it’s up to the U.S. Congress. Why wouldn’t this be acceptable for Crimea? An autonomous association could create all sorts of attractive economic conditions. It could establish a free trade zone and put Crimean and Russian citizens to on an equal footing just as is the case for Belarussian and Russian citizens. Now more than ever, we must consider all possible options, because the situation is developing faster than the newspapers can report.

Guess Bovt has no idea about how awesome such an “agreement” is going for the Last Colony. And this who referendum thing, Georgiy? It’s “complicated.”