Latino Rebels to Shut Down Operations

Apr 1, 2014
9:19 am

Following the losses of NBC Latino and CNN Latino, Latino Rebels will be shutting down, effective immediately. The reason? “Unprecedented success.”


Here is the April 1 statement, which was cut and pasted from the minutes of a Latino Rebels meeting this morning:

It is with sadness that we here at Latino Rebels will be shutting down our operations due to unprecedented success. Our consistent and growing organic web traffic through no advertising or any investment is proving too difficult to stop. Having exceeded over 2 million unique visitors and 2.6 million pageviews, it is best to just no longer produce content that authentically speaks to an underserved market. You can only make so many NPR appearances or get quoted in outlets such as The New York Times.

We have become one of the top independent Latino news sites in the world (outpacing pretty much every other independent site), and now we don’t know what to do, so we decided to follow the advice of the small angry group of people (about three people basically tweeting to each other) who choose to tear down success: we are stopping. We can’t take this good news any more. We need to be constantly bitter, constantly divide people and constantly be victimized. We need to keep our voices muted and have our opinions silenced. We need to cease giving other voices a forum to share their opinions. We will no longer be fearless. Our strategy is to capitulate and surrender. In the end, it’s best to just follow how other people judge you and walk away from a really good thing.


In all seriousness: we are not going anywhere. This is only the beginning. As for the tiny miserable group of haters, hit it:

As for the rest of you who continue to support us 100%, we already have our playlist ready for today. First:


Add this:

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