The Blaze’s Dana Loesch Gets the #NoMames Award of the Night for “Going There”

Apr 11, 2014
12:04 am

Ok, let’s start with this: Cliven Bundy is a Nevada rancher who is having issues with the federal government right now about his cattle grazing on federal land. The story is getting hot in the conservative media space, and tonight on Megyn Kelly’s FOX News show, Blaze TV and radio host Dana Loesch “had to go there” when describing Bundy’s plight.

Here’s the clip:

This is the quote (screw the context, just get to the problem):

If these cattle, were people and they were here illegally, the Department of Justice would be running guns to them and the Department of Homeland Security would be driving by with free government phones and EBT cards.

Ok, we understand that Loesch has an opinion about Bundy, but what does this have to do with immigration and people being here “illegally?” In fact, why did Loesch feel she had to bring up such stale (and racist, yeah, racist) ignorant images of those “illegals.” You really wonder why people like Loesch don’t get it and never will? It’s becoming so par for the course, even us calling her out will now be seen as 1) “leftist” 2) “anti-American” 3) “criminal” 4) “amnesty-loving” or 5) “sexist.” Or wait, we forgot: 6) “Marxist” and 7) “Reconquista-loving.” Just you watch. The “go back to Mexico” tweets from her followers will hit us soon.

Here’s the scoop: did you really have to create and analogy between cattle and people? Oh yeah, we forgot. It’s FOX News, where opinions such as Loesch’s make for hard-hitting TV. Toss in some food stamps, a free phone, some guns (wha?) and you have a party. Loesch is a voice that plays to people’s fears, and bringing in immigration narratives to a story that has nothing to do with immigration is just sad. And dumb. And ignorant. And neo-nativist.

Hit it, Gollum: