Actor Amaury Nolasco to Produce Documentary on the US Latino Vote

Apr 16, 2014
10:41 am

We received the following announcement today from the folks at El Voto Hispano. To learn more about the project (of which Latino Rebels and Latino Rebels Foundation is helping to promote) and give, visit the film’s Kickstarter:


The producers of the documentary film, El Voto Hispano, who are currently seeking funding on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, are pleased to announce the addition of Amaury Nolasco to the production team effective immediately.


“His experience as an actor, working on a wide variety of sets and in some of the most elaborate productions of the past years, combined with his vast network in Hollywood and within the Latino community will be invaluable to the success of our project. His addition will also help in our immediate goal to raise funds through Kickstarter”, says Producer Alessandro Pietri.

Amaury has agreed to not only help secure the proper funding for the film, but also play an active role in the project’s development and voter outreach initiatives over the course of production.

“I’m very proud to be part of this project.  For me this film is much bigger than something we go to the theater to see. It’s a movement. It’s an educative tool that will be around for generations to come to empower our Latino youth and teach them the importance of the democratic process, and that it’s ok to speak up and have a voice. I never had tools like this, therefore, for a very long time, I didn’t vote. Now I want to make sure others don’t make that mistake”, said the actor.

“Even if you don’t know much about politics, you have the right to be heard. This is not an exclusive club that only a certain elite group of people are allowed to speak. We are all in the same boat,” he added.

Nolasco first became active in politics during President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. Since then his passion for getting involved in the political process has continued to grow.

In fact, he says he had never voted, in the United States or his native Puerto Rico, until the 2004 Bush-Kerry election which Bush eventually won. According to him, his reason for not voting was not wanting to participate in a process he was not informed enough about.

“His newfound passion for political activism and creating awareness among Latinos is admirable. He wants to give other Latinos the opportunities that he didn’t have growing up. His interest in the project is not just professional, its personal. We’re lucky to have someone as passionate as he is on board”, says Producer and Director Gianpaolo Pietri.

These days Amaury seems more aware of what’s important to him politically, and what’s at stake for Latinos so he wants to get more involved. Working as a Producer on El Voto Hispano will give the renowned actor an opportunity to combine his passion for film with his newfound interest in finding his voice in politics.

Amaury sees El Voto Hispano as the perfect vehicle for him to educate others in a way that he was not about what the issues are, why they are important, and what the price may be for those who choose not to participate.

“I was like that before. I never got involved or wanted  to be heard because I thought I wasn’t  politically savy enough or that my knowledge of politics was not at par with everyone else’s. I never wanted to say anything because I felt I didn’t know enough. Until I had enough, and came out to vote for the first time on the elections of 2004. I was not proud that I had waited that long. But now I was on the playing field letting my voice, my opinions, my ideas be heard.  All Latinos should do the same! Your opinion counts,” concluded Nolasco.