Help Crowdfund the New El Voto Hispano Documentary

Apr 16, 2014
12:33 am

A new film about the power of the U.S. Latino vote and its role in national politics is in the final stage of Kickstarter campaign to ensure its completion and distribution. “El Voto Hispano” promises to be the definitive piece about the much-hyped yet misunderstood U.S. Latino vote. You can help by supporting the Kickstarter campaign. It is a film that should be made for the very simple reason: if the community helps now, it will help highlight a more objective approach to the project and avoid commercialization of the film.


Here is the official Kickstarter video where the filmmakers explain why they are doing the project:

How does the project differ when it comes to exploring “the Latino vote?” Let the filmmakers explain:

The most important study done on this subject to date are the Pew Hispanic Center’s multiple reports on the last four elections (’06, ’08, ’10, ’12). There have been many articles written but their focus is usually in the wrong place. The reporting on this issue is usually a numbers game where stats are analyzed, broken down, manipulated, reinterpreted ad nauseum trying to make demographic sense of the cultural shift happening in America.

The numbers are important. Very important. But they only tell half the story. In looking at the polls, surveys, census graphs, focus groups, etc. etc. … the most important thing of all gets lost: The Human Factor. And that’s where our story begins.The drama of this story, its narrative, lies at the intersection of its three main characters: The Voter, The Politician, and the Media. We will examine the nuanced relationship between those who chose to lead, those who decide who will lead, and those who inform the public about the process.

This story has never been told on film, through characters, real people, breathing life into the numbers, the stats… and that’s what makes it dynamic and different.

You can go to Kickstarter right now and give. Minimum pledge is just $1. Spread the word. Share it with your friends. Let’s have a substantive debate about this topic. This is a film that needs to be made. Help now. Support “El Voto Hispano.” We are.

And so are others.