Latino Rebels Radio: #AJAMBorderland (Pt 2) & Slate’s Latinos Becoming the Next Whites Fail

Apr 21, 2014
11:53 am

Last night, Latino Rebels was on the air with guests Lis-Marie Alvarado of Al Jazeera America’s “Borderland.” We also talked with Blanca Vega about the whole Slate “Will Hispanics Become Tomorrow’s Whites?” fail and HuffPost’s Latino Voices Roque Planas on his viral listicle. Yeah, we said, listicle. Here is the full show.


Episode 3 of “Borderland” airs next Sunday night at 9pmET. If you want to read Blanca’s excellent “Latinidad Without Latinos” response to the Slate piece, go here. While you’re at it, visit Roque’s list as well.

Our next show is Sunday, April 27 at 10pmET. Latino Rebels Radio.

Thanks to our producer @Mr_Christian, our host @julito77, plus the following Rebeldes: @monica_promumi, @marentesluis, @rscspokenword and @taydolven.