1989, The Number, Another Summer: 25 Years Since Spike Lee Did The Right Thing

Jun 5, 2014
11:00 am

For those of us who saw the following opening credits inside an actual movie theater in the summer of 1989, did we ever think we would be viewing one of the greatest American films ever made?

Rosie Perez. Public Enemy. Spike Lee. For three minutes in the summer of 1989, it all clicked. Add actors Ozzie Davis (Da Mayor), Ruby Dee (Mother Sister), Danny Aiello (Sal), John Tuturro (Pino), Giancarlo Esposito (Buggin Out), Samuel L. Jackson (Mister Señor Love), Robin Harris (Sweet Dick Willie), John Savage (Clifton), Martin Lawrence (Cee), et. al., and you knew you were watching something unique and different.

Later this month (June 30, to be exact), Lee’s film will celebrate its 25th anniversary. No doubt, people will begin to reflect and wonder if this country has indeed “done the right thing.” Most would say no. Without a doubt, most would say no.


Nonetheless, we still believe in the words from actor Bill Nunn as Radio Raheem.

Have you seen “Do The Right Thing?” Is the film still relevant today? Share your thoughts in the comments section.