Join #LatinasCode on June 18

Jun 17, 2014
3:41 pm

On Wednesday, June 18 at 9pmET/6pmPT, our friends at Sabio will be hosting a tweet chat to promote Latinas in tech. Please join us and others online by following @WeSabio and using #LatinasCode. The chat will discuss why more women —and Latinas in particular— should become web developers, and the steps and resources to help them do so.


Sabio and its chat partners (Latino Rebels, Latina Lista, Manos Accelerator, Latinas in STEM, Amigapreneur, Latino Startup Alliance, Latina Geeks, DevLatino, Rebuild The Dream, LATISM and Goldhirsch Foundation/LA2050) will be looking at four main questions, as well as taking questions from participants:

  1. Why should more women and Latinas should code?
  2. How can women and Latinas start getting into these careers or get started?
  3. Is it prohibitively hard?
  4. What are the obstacles?

Some points to consider:

Coding is an economically lucrative career

  • Average salaries for developers in Los Angeles range from $85,000 to $110,000, according to estimates from Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • The national average is $65,000 and starting salaries are often in the $50,000 to $60,000 range.
  • Benefits are also often very generous, including standard health plans, retirement, and even other perks like food or special memberships.

Developers are in high demand

  • Professionals are regularly poached from because of competition in the field.
  • California leads the nation in the “undersupply” of tech workers — there are more openings than there are qualified candidates. Especially a shortage in mobile.
  • Employment in this field was projected by the US Department of Labor to grow 30% from 2010 to 2020.

Latinas would be great developers

  • Women and Latinas lead their households. They can lift their entire families out of
  • poverty or to another income bracket.
  • Tech is the key to every business; coding means your family will not be left behind.
  • Just 1.5% of computing occupations in the country are filled by Latinas.

For more, read the follow fact sheet from Sabio:

Lift a Latina, Lift a Community by Latino Rebels